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Lash & Brow Design Co. Permanent Makeup Brows


We have helped many guests gain back their confidence with our permanent makeup service for brows. Never worry about your brows again and take more time for yourself every morning with this service! With a consultation with one of our talented artists, they can assist you with your dream brows and determine which brow would work best - Powder Brows or Nano Strokes. 


The older we get, the more we experience changes. One of those changes is that our lips lose their once youthful glow. With our lip blushing, we can restore the color to your lips! Got a favorite lipstick? We can color-match it! We also provide lip neutralization which helps to even out the overall tone of your lips. 

For those with hyperpigmentation of the lips, we offer lip neutralization. We can help even out your lips' color to return that beautiful shade of pink to them! 

Lash & Brow Design Co. Lip Blushing
Lash & Brow Design Co. Lash Enhancement Shaded Eyeliner


Our lash enhancement is a thin line along your lash line to help your lashes appear fuller and thicker! Love a good winged eyeliner? We can help save you the frustration of trying to draw them on evenly everyday with our shaded eyeliner. Go for a softer wing or a more bold wing for it - we don't judge! 


Whether you're more of a natural or glam lover, we can help make those eyes look gorgeous! With our selection of Classic, Hybrid, or Volume lashes - you'll be able to stun anyone with your new lashes. We use the most sensitive adhesive and one of our curated lash styles that best fits your eye shape and features. With a quick consultation with one of our talented artists, you'll feel confident about the look you want before you even lay down!

Applying false lashes in a salon


Our Keratin treatment gives your natural lashes a stunning curl that can last up to 6 weeks! Perfect for guests who have thought of lash extensions but aren't quite ready yet to take the plunge. Not only do you get to ditch the lash curler - your lashes will benefit from the keratin we put into them with this gentle treatment! Other lash lifts utilize harsh chemicals to achieve that curl while we use natural heating methods to achieve it.


Sometimes you just need a good cleaning! We offer waxing for your chin, upper lip, brows, and even sideburns! Wanting to take your brows to the next level with a lamination or with a tint? We can help you! Your artist will specially curate a tint color that is to your liking and this is a great way for any guest thinking of permanent brows to see what their brows could look like. 

Eyebrow Wax
Lash & Brow Design Co. Brows


Have you over-tweezed your eyebrows or they are less than you desire? Did you have a bad day with the grill or your gas stove and now your brows lack the luster they once had? Join our Brow Rehab program! This is a 90-day program in which you are put onto a specific plan of how to achieve the look you desire. You will meet with our brow experts who walk with you on your brow journey. Schedule a Deluxe Brow Wax for an assessment to see if you are a good candidate for our program.

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