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Giving Back Program

At Lash & Brow Design Co., we know that dealing with cancer is hard enough and many yearn for a sense of normalcy. Most cancer patients who are about to begin a cycle of chemotherapy know they will lose their hair - but many are not aware that this loss includes their eyebrows and even their eyelashes. We created this program with those individuals in mind, including burn survivors who have lost their hair as well. Feeling confident after going through such a traumatic experience can be difficult for many. 


Our owner Kate Shaughnessy wanted to provide individuals with the opportunity to regain their confidence. Her strong passion for giving back to her community has sparked this program and brought it to life. She performs permanent makeup for eyebrows - free to one candidate each month. We have worked with a multitude of individuals not just from our home state of Indiana!













If you know someone or you are a survivor yourself who would like to be considered for this amazing opportunity, please fill out the form below. It does not matter what type of cancer you have or have survived. You must qualify for the treatment when you submit your application. See the details below to know if you are eligible or contact us directly. 

At this time, we unfortunately are unable to fly out candidates to Indiana. If you reside outside of Indiana and are chosen for the program, you are responsible for traveling to our salon to receive the service. We will of course work with you to find a date and time appropriate for your travel. This may be affected by how far out you are from receiving treatment for chemotherapy and/or radiation. Contact us for further details. 

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Why We Share Your Story


Sharing your story with others helps to inspire them to do the same. Far too often, people hide parts of their struggle out of fear of being looked at differently. You may not think that your story has any impact but it absolutely does. Your courage to share your journey inspires others to do the same and we help to broadcast that courage by sharing it. 


We gain so much insight from learning more about others. For those who have never gone through what you have, they learn more from your experience. Being able to teach others about the struggles someone has gone through and to help others learn of the different options available to them means normalizing what people go through. 

Share your story with us. 


Thanks for submitting!

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