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Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner is a permanent makeup procedure using a machine to create a tight eyeliner inside the lash line. We require a consultation before every eyeliner procedure. At this consultation you and your artist will choose which color and style is best for you!



Lash enhancement

For those that would like a thicker lash line without the pain of applying eyeliner daily, lash enhancement is a perfect option. The liner is created within the lash line to embellish and thicken the lash line while maintaining a natural look


Shaded Eyeliner

Using a permanent makeup machine, a super soft smoky look is placed behind your lashes. Without the hard lines of traditional permanent eyeliner, shaded eyeliner is beautifylly soft and natural looking which is why this is our most requested eyeliner procedures

interested in permanent eyeliner ?
During the consultation one of our artists will discuss:
  • Color / Style
  • The process of implanting the pigment
  • Pre-appointment Instructions
  • After-care Instructions

Consultations are imperative.

You will be asked to come into the salon for an in-person consultation before we can book your appointment

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