The Lash and Brow Design Company Experience

What is an experience at Lash and Brow Design Co. like in light of the pandemic?

Maybe this will help you know what to expect:

Sitting on your favorite leather couch with a fleece blanket over your lap, you take a sip of your freshly brewed coffee as you confirm your appointment for the next day. You fill out a consent form and Covid screener on your phone from the comfort of your living room. “That was easy,” you observe. Taking another whiff of your hot beverage, you anticipate the next day.

You shift your car into park as you gaze out your windshield at the welcoming glass doors: Lash and Brow Design Company. You slip on your favorite mask as you make your way inside. A smile welcomes you by name at the door and you’re guided under a chandelier and into the candle-lit restroom to wash your hands before your service begins.

You make it back to your bed just as your artist finishes laying down a fresh bed cover. You smile as you close your eyes and sink into a bed of memory foam. Your artist asks you how your 4 year old’s birthday went and you and you chuckle as you relay the events of the last weekend. Soft music plays in the background of your artist’s careful and precise work.

She lets you know to open your eyes and it’s then you realize you’d fallen asleep. You look into the mirror, delighted as your artist begins to sanitize all of her tools and equipment. Looking around, you notice there are other clients in the room all spaced generously apart. Your artist walks you up to the front desk and wishes you a good day with a smile you can see in her eyes, even if it is behind a mask.

You leave that day feeling refreshed, beautiful, and completely safe.

At Lash and Brow Design Company, we are doing everything we can to ensure your safety when you walk through our doors and provide an exceptional experience every single time. We as a company were already adhering to strict sanitary guidelines before the pandemic, so the changes we needed to make were minor, but even with the added precautions we can assure your time with us will be just as amazing.

Interested in experiencing Lash and Brow Design Company for yourself? Feel free to give us a call at (317) 800-2958 to book your next appointment! We can’t wait to share our time with you.

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