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Lip Blushing

It is a semi-permanent tattooing that helps to enhance the natural color of your lips, as well as help with defining them while providing symmetry. As we get older, our lips begin to lose their natural shaping and fade significantly. With lip blushing, you can return that youthful look to your lips! And who wouldn't want to sip a glass of wine without worrying about their lipstick smearing?

Lash & Brow Design Co. Lip Blushing
Lash & Brow Design Co. Lip Blushing
Lash & Brow Design Co. Lip Blushing

Why Lip Blushing?

Lasts up to 2 -4 years

Returns your lip shape 

Sweatproof & waterproof

Re-defines your lip line

Your lips naturally fade and loses their definition as you get older. With a specially curated color, you can have your lips become a gorgeous shade of pink that fits your skin-tone perfectly! No more lipstick stains or smudging - just beautifully defined lips!

Lash & Brow Design Co. Lip Blushing

What to Expect

During your consultation with one of our talented artists, they will discuss with you the desired color you are wanting that would be most suitable to your skin-tone. If you have a favorite lipstick, feel free to bring it in for your artist to curate that color for you.  

Please note that every person's pain tolerance is different. Most experience mild discomfort along the cupid's bow but we do numb your lips during the process! Your artist will go over what to avoid leading up to the appointment and will provide you with aftercare instructions after the appointment. 

They may also swell slightly after the procedure. Swelling goes down within an hour or two. If you are a red-head, you may bruise slightly during the procedure. We encourage you to refrain from drinking alcohol and caffeine the day before and day of your appointment to avoid bruising and bleeding.

Lash & Brow Design Co. Lip Blushing
Lip Blush Before & After

Keep in Mind

  • If you have gotten lip filler, you must wait a minimum of 4 weeks before we can perform the lip blushing service on you

  • Your lips might swell during the process and remain swollen afterwards. The length of time they stay swollen may vary 

  • Consuming caffeine, alcohol, and any blood-thinning medications may result in bruising and/or bleeding. We highly encourage you refrain from consumption until after the appointment to avoid this

  • You should not numb your lips prior to your appointment! We will numb your lips during the service - if you arrive with pre-numbed lips, this can heavily affect the pigment penetrating the skin and your artist will not be able to perform the service

  • Hydrate! You should drink tons of water in the days leading up to your appointment to help your lips be nice and hydrated prior to the appointment for a seamless service

  • Be sure to eat the day of your appointment since you will be laying for 3 hours!



If your lips appear darker in certain areas as opposed to your natural lip color, you would need to undergo lip neutralization prior to lip blushing. Please check out our Lip Neutralization page here

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