Kate Shaughnessy


Graduating from Honors Beauty College in 2004, Kate spent the next 4 years working as a free-lance makeup artist for several major brands and day spas in the greater Indianapolis area.  During this time, Kate became the first Certified Xtreme Lash Stylist in the Midwest.  In 2008, Kate opened her own lash studio, RogueLash by Kate.  It wasn’t long before Kate was recruited by Xtreme Lashes to become a corporate trainer.  Hustling between training, and her own business, Kate decided to focus strictly on her business, leaving Xtreme Lashes in 2016.  Still committed to being on the forefront of the beauty industry, Kate became certified in both Europe and the US for Microblading.  Kate later renamed her business to Lash & Brow Design Co to better identify with her clientele. Kate now leads an incredible team of women working to beautify Indianapolis thru Microblading, eye-lash extensions and other permanent make-up services.  


Kaley Owens


Kaley first realized her attraction to the beauty industry while attending the Herron School of Art.  She realized she had a true passion for the beauty industry and attended Paul Mitchell.  Kaley joined the Lash & Brow team in November of 2016 and has worked tirelessly to achieve her Advanced Certified Lash Artist Certification.  Kaley provides gorgeous volume and hybrid lash extensions that beautify each client. Her art background and desire to enhance each client's sense of beauty make her an invaluable addition to our team. 


Rebekah Nishon


Rebekah always knew she wanted to be a part of the beauty industry. So for her, it was a no brainer to enroll at the Aveda Fredrics Institute.  Once Rebekah finished her cosmetology certification, she set her sights on finding her niche in the beauty industry.  This search led her to Lash & Brow Design Co in the summer of 2019. Rebekah is incredibly detail oriented, which makes her an amazing Advanced Certified Lash Artist.  She has the ability to create beautiful lash extensions that are tailored to the facial structure of each client. Rebekah has an eagerness to learn that is infectious, we are so glad she joined the team!


Andrea Rodriguez


When Andrea started researching career options, she found herself drawn to careers that helped others.  With this focus in mind, she came upon esthetics and knew instantly this was the career option for her.  While attending Pure Aesthetics in Tucson AZ, she realized she loved the world of lash extensions.  Andrea says she loved lash extensions because of how quickly it can enhance a clients look which gives the client a newfound confidence.  Andrea moved to Indianapolis in the Spring of 2019 and quickly started researching lash extension studios where she could focus on advancing her lash extension talent.  Andrea has worked hard to become an expert at design and intuitively meet the needs of each client she sees.


Lauren Rojas


Lauren started at Lash & Brow Design Co as a Client Liaison in the summer of 2018.  Lauren dreamed about learning microblading earlier in her life, but never really had an opportunity to see if this was something she wanted to make a career of.  She decided to take a chance by attending Microblading 101, a Microblading class taught by Kate Shaughnessy and the rest is history. Lauren has an unquestionable amount of talent when it comes to brow design and color choice.  She is able to enhance each clients natural beauty and give them a confidence they didn't have before.  


Elizabeth "Bessie" Polley


Bessie has had a love for makeup for as long as she can remember, so it wasn't a surprise when she pursued a career as an Esthetician.  After esthetics school, she realized she had a talent for permanent makeup services which included Powder Brows, Permanent Eyeliner and Lip Blush.  Her artistic gift shows off her attention to detail and eagerness to provide the most natural looking permanent makeup service.  We are never surprised at the beautiful work Bessie provides for each of her clients!