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Permanent Eyeliner

It is a semi-permanent tattooing that helps to enhance your lashes and eyes. Have your lashes appearing thicker and darker with this wonderful procedure to have everyone who sees you in awe at how you manage to have perfect symmetry with your eyeliner every day! Start off with a simple Lash Enhancement and even upgrade to a Shaded Eyeliner to set aside your frustration of getting those wings perfect - we'll take the stress away!


Why Permanent Eyeliner?

Lasts up to 2 -4 years

Symmetrical eyeliner everyday

Sweatproof & waterproof

Lashes appear thicker and darker

As we get older, we may struggle with tremors in our hands that make drawing our eyeliner on every day a difficult task. You can avoid uneven eyeliner and save yourself time so you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy!


What to Expect

Your permanent makeup artist will discuss with you during your consultation what you are hoping to achieve. Since we offer both Lash Enhancement and Shaded Eyeliner, they will discuss what your normal makeup routine consists of to see what best fits your aesthetic.

We recommend that if you are not certain about Shaded Eyeliner to consider doing Lash Enhancement first. The subtle enhancement will ensure your lashes appear thicker and darker before committing to an eyeliner look. 

If you have any photos of your everyday eyeliner, please bring them in so your artist may view what your personal style is! Photos of other styles you enjoy can be brought in as well so that your artist may discuss with you whether there will be any issues with the desired look when assessing your natural eye shape.

Keep in mind that after your initial appointment, it will appear darker but will naturally fade during the healing process for a softer look.

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