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Lash Tips for This Holiday Season

Want to keep your lashes looking flawless through the holidays? Here are five master lash tips we've collected just for you!

Holiday Heat

Your lashes are made of synthetic fibers that are basically like a nice plastic. And what happens to plastic if it gets too hot? It melts! So when you're opening your oven to admire your delicious thanksgiving pie or casserole, be sure to keep your face away from the escaping heat! Turning your head to the side and letting the initial wave of heat pass when you first open the oven door should do just the trick.

Hallmark Beware

Who doesn't love settling in for a good sappy Christmas film during this holiday season? What you may not know, however, is that tears can cause large amounts of lash loss! The salt of your tears will actually dry your lashes out and cause the extensions to feel brittle and pop off. But if you do find yourself stuck watching Christmas Shoes, cleansing your lashes with a good cleanser to get rid of the salt after crying should save the day!

He Sees You When You're Sleeping

You may already know that sleeping on your back is best with lash extensions, but that isn't always possible for everyone! For you side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and tossing turners of the world, a good way to prevent extensions from snagging on your pillow is by using a silk case. Your lashes will thank you!

Merry Merry Makeup

Dressing up this season is a must, and sometimes that comes with a full face of makeup! Powder products will get into your lashes every time and oily ones build up and break down the adhesive, so cream makeup products are best! Then be sure to cleanse your lashes well with a good water based cleanser before bed. Want a little extra drama for your lashes too? Before you start layering on the mascara, consider trying volume extensions instead! You won't regret it.

Clumpety Clump Clump

Do you ever feel like your lashes clump together after you wash them? Then we have the answer for you! Try turning your blow dryer heat to cold and use it to dry your lashes while brushing the tips with your spoolie. They will fan out beautifully every time!

Now that you're a holiday lash expert, you won't even need a sled to slay this season! Looking to learn more about lash extensions or what it would look like to experience them for yourself? Feel free to give us a call at (317) 800-2958 or book online! It would be our pleasure to help you in any way we can.


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