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How to Prepare for Lip Blushing

Learn what to expect before your appointment and what you should do during the healing process to achieve the best results for your Lip Blushing

Lips after Lip Blushing
Lip Blushing (taken immediately after service)

Now that you have gotten your Lip Blushing appointment scheduled, let's talk about preparing for the appointment and how to properly care for your lips while they heal.

Preparing for your appointment will make it easier for you and your artist the day of your service, as well as help you know how to take care of your lips while they are healing.

Tip #1

Exfoliate, Hydrate, & Protect

Leading up to the day of your appointment, you should be keeping yourself hydrated by drinking tons of water. When you are dehydrated, your lips lose moisture due to drying out and this can lead to cracked/chapped lips which makes it difficult for your artist to place pigment into your lips. You should also exfoliate your lips daily to keep them clear of dry skin that forms due to chapped lips.

Exfoliating your lips can also help keep them soft and moisturized! You can make your own lip scrub with a simple mixture of honey and granulated sugar. There are many DIY recipes for a natural lip scrub or even purchasing one - just be sure to avoid products that contain ground coconut shells, walnut shells, or apricot scrubs as they can lead to microtears on your lips. Even using a clean toothbrush to gently scrub your lips can help to exfoliate them!

When exfoliating, be gentle! You don't need to be forceful when you exfoliate and you shouldn't overdo it either. Stick to once a day and be sure to apply a hydrating lip balm to protect your lips. We recommend using Aquaphor.

Tip #2

No Picking or Chewing Your Lips

We know how tempting it can be to see the scabs peeling on your lips during the healing process and wanting to pick at them. While it may bring you satisfaction, it will cost you in the long run as you will be pulling off the color from your lips which can lead them to look patchy. You're spending your hard-earned money on this service - let's keep them from needing a major touch-up!

If you have a habit of picking or chewing on your lips, please do your best to resist. We want your lips to heal fully and just know that the scabbing will fall off naturally during the healing process! Continue to apply the recommended ointment to your lips while they are healing to keep them moisturized and this will help to keep your lips from cracking due to lack of hydration, as well as to avoid your lips from splitting. Your lips will feel tight for the first 2-3 days, so be sure to keep them hydrated,

Tip #3

Forks & Straws Are Your New Bestfriends

Because your lips essentially underwent trauma, you MUST keep them clean at all times. They are more susceptible to infection as your body is trying to heal the area. We're sorry to have to say this, but you will need to avoid food and beverages touching your lips. That means that Chic-fil-A burger will have to wait until after your lips have healed! Be sure to eat meals with a fork to keep your lips from touching food and drink any beverages from a straw. You also want to avoid spicy and super salty food as that can lead to irritation if the food happens to get on your lips.

When you have food or drinks touch your lips, you are introducing potential bacteria to the area which can cause an infection. The lips are very sensitive and "raw" still as they heal so you need to keep them nice and clean!

Tip #4

Be Like A Vampire - Avoid the Sun!

We encourage our clients to get any permanent makeup service done in the winter as their sun exposure is less. It makes it easier to stay out of the sun in comparison to getting your lips or brows done in the summer. Keeping your sun exposure down to a minimum keeps your lips safe! When your lips are exposed to the UV rays from the sun and can fade the pigment that is still settling into your lips. It can also lead to irritation that is known as photosensitivity which essentially means that if you are allergic to yellow and/or red ink, your lip area may experience irritation such as: rashes forming, burning/tingling sensation,

flaking, and scaling.

This is why we heavily emphasize that you avoid exposing your lips to the sun. We want you to have an easy week of healing without any issues.

Tip #5

All the Hugs, Hold the Kisses

Just like you should not have any food or drinks touch your lips, the same goes for kissing. You'll have to save those kisses for another time (tell your lover we're sorry!) because we want to keep the lips sterile. Kissing someone can introduce bacteria to your lips and once again, could lead to an infection. You can smother your lover with kisses from your new lips after they have healed! While you are at it, avoid touching your lips with your hands besides after you have cleaned them thoroughly before applying your moisturizing ointment.


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